Friday, May 24, 2013

Stumbled on Favorites

A few of my favorite things that I've stumbled upon recently!

The people I work for just got a new kitten and the boys are both quite timid in how they hold it, pet it, etc. It makes me chuckle considering how I used to try to carry three cats at once...whether they liked it or not! I dug out this picture as proof of what those poor cats had to go through with me around as a kid!

Spooky igloo hotel in Alaska...Sign me up!

I like this quote.

Humans of New York--love this guy's attitude!

A great little video from The Chapin Sisters.

What the internet is doing to our brains...

The cool!

Ageless Beauty...wish more magazines did this!

This girl's reaction to her mom having twins is adorable.

I love this notepad.

Up close and personal with grizzly bears.
Looks like someone could use a trip to the dentist...

Ooh this recipe looks tasty.

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