Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 153: Writing (Poems)

Time: A couple hours
Listening to: Quiet!

I had such a nice morning today with coffee, my sketch pad, and a pen in hand. I was busy writing down some poems that have been fluttering around in my head for a bit. They are in no ways ready to be shared but I thought I'd start sharing some poems I'd written a while ago and recently reworked. Here is one of them.

the cold air strikes my face
                strongly enough to cause shivers.

it looks different here than the last time
           at least it feels different…colder.

   and unnatural
lights sprinkle themselves onto the black current.
dark forms of fallen Maple leaves
    rush along the river top
the faint buzz of traffic competes
with the roar of the
           moving stream in front of me.

the fear of change is in the air—
the water runs as if going faster
it might be able to catch its breath.

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