Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 164: Baking

Time: 1/2 hour?
Listening to: With friends

We were having pizza night at our friend's house and we brought the dessert. We wanted to try out our new cookie bowl pan! Unfortunately, we didn't make the recipe that was provided with the pan. Thus, our first batch overflowed and ended with a flaming ball of cookie dough in the oven! Yikes!

Here is a look at our cookie bowls after the flames...

I then decided to trim off the excess and put them back in! Unfortunately, the temperamental oven didn't cooperate so much so they got a bit burnt...

But they didn't turn out TOO badly! So we popped them off, threw some ice cream and ate them up!

Have you ever had this stuff? I love it!

Plus the caps are so cool!


My Nathan!


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