Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 305: A day in the life of Elmo (Photoshoot)

This post goes out to my mom and dad who were disappointed that they didn't get to meet Elmo on Halloween. I wanted to give them an up close introduction on what it is exactly like to be Elmo when he isn't working. Here goes...

Elmo usually likes to sleep in pretty late...notice how bright the sun is outside! His favorite sleeping pal is his cuddly whale.

Elmo usually takes a nice long shower to help wake up.

He isn't quite sure how he feels about this invasion of privacy during his shower time. 

Elmo always makes sure to brush his teeth.

And of course put the deodorant on.

COFFEE is the next demand in Elmo's life.

Then he usually takes some time to catch up on email. He doesn't like to be interrupted.

Elmo never forgets about watering his plants.

After he takes care of his plants, he usually spends some times on his favorite hobbies. Like knitting!
Or reading...
Or bird watching...

Elmo also loves talking on the phone!
And cooking!

But his favorite activity is....dancing!

create animated gif
The sprinkler!

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