Wednesday, February 20, 2013

22 Fun Experiments & Activities to do wtih Kids!

Back in December I made a list of different experiments and activities that I've done with the kids that I nanny. Here is my round 2! 

Make your own potato stamps--pictured above

Awesome newspaper forts

Climbing love bugs

Color your own komodo dragon!

Wiggly eye drawing starter

Salt dough keepsake

Healthy peanut butter dip for fruit 

Making a straw flute

Masking tape roads

Musical Balloons

Balloon ping pong

Hidden Treasure Matching Game

Water resistant Valentine cards

celery science experiment
Celery color absorption

Naturally dyed gummy bear after soaking in water 


Giant gummy worms!

Colorful Density column

Does it dissolve?

Fizzy Dino Tracks

Making it rain!

Making dew & frost 

Yarn monsters

Dyeing Eggs with Dum Dums

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