Thursday, June 13, 2013

In Honor of My Last Day as a Nanny

You Know You’re a Nanny When…

-You know where everything is in a house that isn’t yours.

-You have a Pinterest board with “nanny” in the title.

-You have to do the dishes at two houses.

-You are often mistakenly called "Mom" or even "Dad."

-You constantly think about what you really want to do professionally but never quite figure it out.

-You have cartoon theme songs stuck in your head 24x7. Go, Go Power Rangers…

-At the end of the day, you complain about tantrums, the smell of pee, and the 3-year-old constantly talking about poop during lunch.

-You plan your day around nap time.

-You can still side step the overbearing PTO moms at school since you are just the nanny.

-You can spend as much time outdoors as you want, provided you are willing to play on the playground equipment, in a sprinkler, or in some form of chasing.

-One of the best forms of feedback that you get during your work day is when one of the kids tells you that you are the best tickle-monster ever.

-At the end of a hard day, you can sail off into the sunset and yell, "See ya tomorrow!"

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