Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Easy T-Shirt Quilt

Since I've taken over so many of my husband's clothes recently, I decided it was time to do something with all of my old t-shirts that I can't quite part with. I've been reading outside in a nearby park a lot recently and have been really wanting a good blanket to take with me--so I figured this was a perfect opportunity!
I whipped this up one Sunday morning and am happy with how it turned out even though it isn't quite perfect. T-shirt material is a tricky fabric to cut perfectly so some of my squares got smaller than I wanted them to and some ended up a bit bigger. I had an old sheet that I didn't use anymore so I sewed that to the back of my t-shirt quilt. I then used the yarn tie technique to finish it off.

Overall, I think it will be the perfect blanket to take with me to the park!

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