Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 45: DIY Eraser Stamps

Time: One hour
Listening to: A comedian...I forget his name but he was funny

So I didn't feel like doing anything too extensive after getting home this evening. Right after work we buzzed over to the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts and watched the short film nominees for the Oscars. It was so fun! They (most) were so good! But we were at the theater for almost four hours took some effort to want to do anything creative. Lucky for me, I had a nice little carving project tucked away for a day like today!

My friend briefly mentioned that she wanted to possibly use a flamingo stamp for a part of her upcoming wedding. So this evening, I sketched a dozen or so flamingos and then tried my hand at carving one.

It turned out pretty good. I have yet to try it with ink but it is cute, nonetheless.

I used one pink rubber eraser and an xacto knife.
A pink flamingo on a pink eraser...

A picture purely for proportion. Pppp.

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