Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Simple Flower Crown

My sister in law got married in June and asked me what I thought about a flower hairpiece. She sent me an idea on what she wanted for her hair and after some research...I figured I could probably make one!

I biked over to Joann's and bought some floral tape and wire--and my very own wire cutters.  (I'll be the first to admit that I was probably a bit too geeked about owning my own pair of wire cutters. Something about a small pair of wire cutters really makes me feel prepared for whatever comes my way). Anyways--back to the crown.  I would have loved to make it out of fresh flowers/plants but I had to take it with me across 2200+ miles so I figured fake flowers were probably my best bet. I spent quite a while picking out the perfect assortment of small flowers and greens. When I got home, I laid everything out and started working! 

 I made the crown about 21 inches round. I slowly started cutting buds off of the branches and started taping them to the wire circle. I worked my way around the circle, as the picture below shows, until it was all the way covered. Then I used some floral wire to secure additional pieces in any empty spots.

It took a while but it was a really nice project to work on. And she looked so gorgeous with it on! I felt so honored to have her wear something I made on her wedding day!

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