Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day 85: Art museum

So I know that this isn't technically being creative...but....I hated to have to title another post as a relapse!!!!!

The Grand Rapids Art Museum has a great new show of Rauschenberg. My friend, Bethany, and I went down there and enjoyed learning about his work. I'd learned about him in school but it is always different seeing it in person.  I really loved his exploration and the different themes that came up.  I especially liked "Booster" and also these two pieces made out of fabric pieces that he gathered from his travels. The GRAM also had the Synapsis Shuffle which is a piece that is showed differently every time. It consists of tons of different panels and the museum can decide how to piece them together. I love that idea and how he gave up control over his work!

So while I didn't DO anything creative today..I did participate in a lot of creative activities. I went to a movie (Hunger Games, of course), went to the art museum, and read an except from Imagine (which is super interesting!) at a bookstore. Overall a great thought provoking day!

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