Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 70: Knitting and an old project (button book)

Time: Eh...
Listening to: Project Runway
So my husband and I got home from work a bit later than usual and then had big plans of dinner and the symphony. This made my hour of creative time a bit rushed. And when I say rushed...I mean not really an hour. My husband took a nap before we left and I slowly watched as the hour I did have to be creative slowly dwindled down. Finally I kicked my butt in gear and took out my needles!

I don't really want to post another picture of my green knitting so I decided to show you a project that I did about a year ago for my friend, Ian. For some reason or another, Ian gave me a list of foods that he absolutely despised. I found the list so delightful! It was such an odd mixture of things and so specific! So I decided to make him a little button book that he could keep with him to remind him what foods he should avoid.

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