Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day 105: Knitting

Time: 1+ hours
Listening to: Becoming Elmo

What a fun little documentary about the guy behind Elmo! I'd definitely recommend it. I've been really getting into documentaries lately and while this one isn't quite up there with Young @ still is so good! I never knew all the history behind puppetry! What a fun world to delve into.

So anyways, I knitted away this evening. It was the perfect thing to do after having friends over for dinner and then walking all around for Art Downtown in Grand Rapids. I twisted my ankle earlier this week so it may not have been the best thing to walk so much...but it was so fun! How could I resist?!

Here is a picture of my pretty yellow yarn! I have to admit...this was before my latest round of knitting so it isn't quite up to date. Oh well!

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