Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 93: DIY (Yarn Letters)

Time: 5 hours
Listening to: Sherlock

Has anyone else watched the tv series Sherlock? I started watching them today and was hooked from the start. I now want to start reading Sherlock Holmes immediately. But I have about 20 books on hold for me at the library so I'll have to put it off until later...

So I think I made up for my sick week by blasting out 5 hours of creative play! It all began by working on some yarn letters for my friend Molly's upcoming wedding. Here is the M:

Isn't that quilt behind the M super adorable? My Grandma made me that for my 16th birthday!

I'm working on the D right now but it is a bit trickier...all those corners. I also ran out of glue sticks so that ended the project for now. I know, a rookie mistake, but it happens to the best of us.

Once I ran out of glue, I still had creative energy flowing through my fingers so I grabbed my knitting needles and went at it! My yellow is really coming along. I believe I have 20 rows done already!

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