Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day 334: Designing and Mailing Christmas Letters

Time: Couple hours
Listening to: Christmas Music

I love Christmas letters. We always sent them out growing up and we always received a bunch from friends, family, and even some people I didn't know. I loved opening them and reading them all. I was always so intrigued about what people decided to include, what they didn't include, and what crazy matching outfits they picked out for their picture. Anyways, even when I was single and in college, I was sending out my own Christmas letters. I like thinking back on the year and summarizing what is going on. I also love to make them little puzzles. My previous favorites have been the crossword puzzle and the word search. This year we decided to do one that you have to fill in the blank and use the first letter to solve the puzzle at the end of the letter. It isn't too tricky this year, but I still like imagining people getting out their pens and filling in the little spaces.

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