Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 335: Guest Book Quilt

Time: 5+ hours
Listening to: Ipod/Christmas Music/Oddities

The last time you saw this project was way back on Day 200 when I sewed up the top squares. With our big move, this project got set aside for a bit. I'll be seeing my sister-in-law for Christmas so I really wanted to finish it up before then. So I found a good back fabric, studied up on how I wanted to finish it and finally got to work!

I didn't want to top stitch it because I figured the handwriting would be skewed so I went with the tie quilt technique. I've made one quilt with this technique before so it went pretty smoothly. I did break one needle, though, and my fingers are still awfully sore from the whole project!

I also decided to have it be more of a throw because of the smaller size of it so I didn't add a layer of batting inside. I basically stuck the right sides together, sewed around the edges, flipped it inside out, sewed up the whole, then started in on the ties.

 I'm happy with how it turned out and I hope that my sister in law does too!

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