Friday, December 14, 2012

25 Fun Experiments & Activities to do wtih Kids!

I mentioned a couple days ago that I do a daily experiment or activity with the kids I nanny for to reward them for good behavior. We usually do them at the end of the day so it is a nice thing to look forward to. I love seeing them getting excited about explosions, making their own hypothesis, or even just giggling during a silly activity. Some days go over better than others but they always get really excited to find out what the activity is going to be. They often ask for 3 clues so they can guess what it will be. So far they've never been able to guess but we'll see.

I've been gathering ideas from all over the internet (mostly thanks to Pinterest) and thought I'd share the good ones that I've found and the kids enjoyed.

Science Experiments

Bright Fuzzy Bubbly Explosions 

Blowing up Balloons!

Dancing Raisins!

Ivory Soap Explosions!

Bouncing Egg Experiment

Sink or Float? Experiment

Color Expansion on Milk

make a hanger balance
Hanger Scale--What's Heavier?

Color Absorption Experiments 

Sparkly Explosions!

Shiny Pennies!

Dancing Spaghetti (similar to Dancing Raisins!)

Floating and Sinking Eggs

Fun Activities

Kids Activity: Balloon Five Senses Game
Sensory Balloons

Paint Bag Writing | Fine Motor Practice | Let's Explore
Paint Bag Painting

Guess that Smell Game

The "What's Missing?" Game

Toothpicks + Marshmallow Game

Spy Training!

Mini marshmallow popper
Mini Marshmallow Poppers

Car Markers

Milk Jug Ball Catcher Example
Milk Jug Catcher

Paper Plate Ring Toss Game

Make a Cream Cheese Apple Dip 

Microwave Puffy Paint

With the sad events of today in Newtown, Connecticut...make sure to do something extra special with your kids this weekend. Maybe try one of these experiments...but for sure give em lots of hugs and kisses!

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