Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 248: DIY Michigan Cork Board

Time: An hour
Listening to: Silence

A new friend recently was telling me how much she loves Michigan. In order to fully support her in this love, I decided that I must make her a Michigan cork board.

So here it is!

You need:

Wood board (I used a 11x14 wood canvas)
Cork (I used a cork roll like this but a flat sheet would be the most ideal)
Michigan or another state map
Glue- I used an all purpose heavy duty glue
Marker for tracing purposes
X-acto knife

I first cut out my Michigan map and then traced it onto my cork. From there, I very slowly cut out my Michigan cork piece. After that, I spread the glue out on the back of it and stuck it out. I used my giant Sewing 101 book to hold it down as it dried.

Nice and simple but I like how the cork looks on the brown board. I thought about painting some things around it but decided to stick with the simple look.

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