Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Love Affair with Bookbinding

Time: 2 hours
Listening to: Teacher

I took my first class at The Craft Center on Thursday and had so much fun! In an art class that I took back in 2005, I was given the overwhelming introduction to bookbinding by having to make my own sketchbook. While it was lots and lots of work at the time, I actually really liked it. Yes, my fingers were very sore by the end of it, but I enjoyed the process.  Over the years, I kind of stepped away from making books and I have missed it! I've been wanting to  take a class at the Craft Center and thought this would be a good introduction to the center and also a good reintroduction to bookbinding.

Here are some of the books that I made during the class:

Simple book with a hidden knot inside

Inside hidden knot

I forget what this is called but it actually has two different "books" inside it!
Write one book---flip it over---and you have another one!
I also learned the running stitch!

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