Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 12: Sewing Eye Mask

Time: One Hour
Listening to: Bon Iver

I've had some strange fascination with eye masks ever since I was little. I've always wanted one but somehow have never gotten one. For Christmas when my siblings and I were little, we used to give my mom these eye masks that you would put in the freezer and then strap on when they were pretty much ice...all in the name of relaxation. I'm not sure if they have ever relaxed anybody ever, but we thought they would be just perfect for my mom. I'm pretty sure we would just end up playing with them for the most part. I mean, who really wants to put cold ice on their face?

Now I can tell you who wants to put a nice non-ice eye mask on at night...ME. If I can keep the sun out of my eyes, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to out-sleep my husband.

So I saw this nice tutorial here and I instantly sat down and made one. Here is proof of my efforts:
My new eye mask. I made it with aid of the top left drink. Also with the top right object (sewing machine).
It was a nice and easy project! All you need is elastic, fabric, and some batting. 
Also a sewing machine and thread, I suppose. 
And for all of you who are just dying to see my eye mask on....


I'm so cool, I know.

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