Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 7: DIY Cork Stamps

Time: One hour
Listening to: Person of Interest (watching)

I was collecting corks to make this little Christmas tree I saw on Pinterest. But...Christmas has passed and I didn't quite drink enough wine to have that many corks. So what to do with the four corks I collected? Make stamps of course!

I first drew what I wanted onto the cork and then used a x-acto knife to carve out the unwanted space. As you can see above, I made a heart, a star, and then my initials. I have to admit, I had to redo the S because I forgot to flip it so it came out backwards at first! The nice thing about cork is you can just cut down a bit further and start over!

It is a bit porous, though, so you do have to use quite a bit of ink. I can't wait to write some letters and stamp, stamp, stamp away!

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