Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 4: Sewing

Time: One hour
Listening to: Patty Griffin

I've been sewing for about four years now--ever since I got my first sewing machine during a white elephant gift exchange. The woman who brought the machine had a massive collection of old sewing machines! She thought I might like one so she told me to pick the massive present under the tree...and inside was a old Singer!

I knew absolutely nothing about sewing machines and the manual that came with my machine was in another language, I swear. A friend of mine came over and showed me the basics like what the bobbin is, how to thread the machine, how to do a simple straight stitch, etc. It was ever so helpful. Since then I've tried my hand at many different projects. I go for the teach-yourself-method (also known as trial-and-error method) so some have been successful and some not so successful!

My project for this evening came from one of the first pieces of clothing I attempted to make. I figured a dress wasn't too bad, so I gave it a whirl. And it really pretty much stunk! The armholes were a hot mess and I was always afraid something was going to unravel whenever I wore it.When I tried it on again, it was super unflattering with some places too loose and some places being too tight--so I cut it in half!!

My first dress (originally in one piece)

 I then took the bottom pieces, did some editing, added some elastic and made a skirt! Here is a picture of the finished project. I looks similar to the picture above...

The finished project!

I also had some time leftover in my hour so I made one of these Swiffer covers inspired by this picture. We have a lot of hardwood floors in our apartment so I think this will be super handy! It is made out of black fleece and is only three pieces to sew together! Time to save money and the environment, right?! 

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